Creating a Ticket

posted this on November 08, 2011 13:59

If you cannot find a solution to your concerns or difficulties in our knowledgebase articles, please proceed by opening a ticket and we will do our best to answer your inquiry in the order it was received.  Response times may vary, but typically you will hear back from us within the same business day.  Our agents are on hand from 9AM to 5PM Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday (with the exception of US national holidays).  Requests received over the weekend will be answered the following Monday.

You also have the option of creating an account in the top right corner of the page to better track your ticket, but this is not required.

To open a ticket, click the "Submit a Request" button on the top bar.  You will be asked for an email address so we can respond to your request, as well as a summary and a brief description of your concerns.  If you are requesting a replacement for a product code, please attach an image of the receipt with the game in question.

Once you have filled out all the fields, you can submit your request.  You may be provided a list of articles that are relevant to your request, if you have not already reviewed them please take the time to do so.

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