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Phantasy Star Universe - Connection Issue

posted this on October 19, 2011 15:36

If you're having trouble connecting on your XBox, there are a few solutions you can try for your internet connection. Please keep in mind that if these steps do not solve the connectivity problem for you, there may be some other error with your internet connection.

A) Xbox 360™ players who attempt to connect to the Phantasy Star Universe game servers and receive an Interrupt Request error message must not use the RETRY function. When encountering this error, please select DISCONNECT and return to the Main Menu, before attempting to log in again. This process may need to be repeated more than once.

Also, If you are experiencing repeated Interrupt Request errors with the Xbox 360™ version of Phantasy Star Universe, please change your DNS settings on your console. The primary DNS number should be and the secondary DNS number should be Here are some easy to follow steps if you do not know how to access your DNS settings on your Xbox 360™.

1. From the Xbox Dashboard, select the System Blade.
2. Select Network Settings
3. Select Edit Settings
4. Select DNS Settings
5. Select Manual Settings
6. Input for the primary DNS number and as the secondary DNS number.
7. Test the connection to see if your connection still works.
8. Play the game and see if it will log you in.

B) If you are using a router or a firewall, please double-check to see if the following ports have been forwarded.

TCP ports 11000-11099
TCP ports 11110-11119
TCP ports 12000-12099
TCP port 12110

These ports should be forwarded when using any software or device that could restrict your access to the internet.

If you have configured your router and the issue still persists, please disconnect the router and attempt to connect with just the base internet connection. If this works, then there is something is still wrong with your router software configuration. Please contact the technical support teams for the respective products or contact your ISP for more information.

For more information about port forwarding, please see the excellent resource at 

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